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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Animal Communication

Can we communicate with our pets? According to animal communicator Donna at, we all have the ability to converse with our pets. Here is some of what she told me:

We have been communicating with animals for centuries. The main way of communicating is sound, our tone of voice and the words we use. Other ways are body language and telepathic communication. To let our animal companion know that we want to communicate with them, we need to clear our minds, relax, visualize an activity or behavior and send this message to our companion. With practice and an open mind you can have conversations with your pet. We can set up reasonable rules, establish limits of unacceptable and acceptable behavior. If we use common sense and strive for harmony we can clear up any misunderstanding with our animal friends. We also must remember that animals observe everything, so be clear in what you expect and want from them. Animals relate better to honesty and sincerity.

Animals as do humans need respect and a sense of purpose. See what your pet is best suited to do: keeping you happy, entertaining you, your family and friends, creating warmth, adding beauty, guarding property, creating safely, getting you to exercise, keeping you calm, giving you perspective, these and others are just some of what our companions do for us. Let them know that they are doing a good job - everyone, including animals, needs and wants praise.
How many times have we wished that our animal companion would do something, and low and behold they did it? How many times have we been sad and our animal companions comforted us? This happens many times but we, as humans don't understand that they are indeed communicating with us. Webster dictionary defines communication as: "an act of transmitting; an exchange of information or opinions." We do this all the time!